BpAnnealing Temp 54Rattus norvegicus albumin AlbNMF 5 CTTCAAAGCCTGGGCAGTAG3 R 5 TGGAGATAGTGGCCTGGTTC 3188 bp56Superoxide dismutase 1, soluble Sod1NMF 5 CCACTGCAGGACCTCATTTT three R five CACCTTTGCCCAAGTCATCT 3216 bp56Cytochrome b5 reductase three Cyb5r3NMF five CTGTGTCTAGTGATGATGAC3 R five CGGAATTCAATGGTGTCTCC3142 bp58Regucalcin senescence marker protein30 RgnNMF five TCAAAGACTGTCTGCCGATG three R f
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